Rooms Revenue Acceleration

The nett impact of what we deliver is to drive your revenue build at an accelerated yet sustainable rate whilst out-pacing your competitive set. Fasten your seat-belt!

How do we do this? Through a series of proven processes, routines and systems, not to mention a depth of experience and cross-market intel. Consider REVANISTA as your eyes and ears when it comes to micro-managing your rate strategy, protecting your brand, and driving your rooms revenue growth. You will be astounded by the results. It’s what we do.

Channel Distribution

OTAs are a bit like the elephant in the room, they can’t be ignored when it comes to getting your rooms into the marketplace. We’re here to ensure that you use them when you need them and don’t when you don’t.

Notwithstanding the likes of and Expedia are high cost channels, they still deliver independent hotels massive exposure online. Our Channel Management Team specialise in optimising your presence on these sites, out-ranking your competitive set, ensuring you get your fair share of this particular pie whilst minimising your cost of sale.

channel distribution

Digital Marketing

A dark art and one that keeps evolving thanks to those folks in Google not to mention constantly evolving customer habits. Our digital specialists put you ahead of the curve when it comes to direct.

One thing is for sure. Hotel marketing isn’t what it used to be. Unless you’ve a robust presence online and by this we mean a website that is fit for purpose, one that genuinely engages your consumers, any amount of PPC and SEO will not drive channel shift away from the more expensive OTA sites. This is what we do. We specialise in Direct.

Yield Optimisation

Yielding is easily copied but rarely bettered. We think we’ve this cracked though. In fact we’re confident that our micro-management of your pricing decisions is setting a new standard in yielding. Our results are there to back this up.

Our Yield Team do nothing else but sit on your Rate Strategy. We don’t have to check guests in or deal with Operations. We leave this to you. Instead our focus – our speciality - is driving your occupancy, your ARR, your RevPar, to out-think your competition and present you with the critical data you need to make real-time informed decisions on pricing.

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AI-based Pricing Solutions

Our bespoke software solutions in short will combine proven experience in optimising yield with machine learning delivering applications that simplify your pricing decisions based on a real-time 360-degree view of your competitors and your market-place.

Available from Q2 2019, REVANISTA AI will be available in various formats, as an enterprise level pricing platform and as an application-lite for smaller accommodation providers. The nett impact however will be the same, enabling our clients to drive rooms revenue at reduced costs, with increased agility, and at accelerated pace.