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One Click Revenue Management System  Have confidence in your revenue strategy?

Revenue management is one of the most stressful and critical daily tasks for each hotelier. As hoteliers ourselves we know what these daily struggles are. Meet Revanista a hotel revenue management system that grows your revenue and reduces the time you spend on

  • Competitor rate shopping.
  • Trying to identify market demand.
  • Distributing rates to all channels.
  • Struggling to drive more business to your direct channel.
  • Needing expert guidance in setting up specific channel rate strategies

Revanista will benefit you in 4 key ways.

A system built by leaders in revenue management. We do things best in class!

Boost Your Revenue

Automated Pricing Recommendations

Accurate Market Demand Data

Customise Your Pricing Strategy

Save Valuable Time

Automation Of 21+ Hours Of Manual Tasks

One Click Rate Distribution

Quickly Identify And Act Upon Business Trends And Opportunities

Stay in Control

You Approve All Pricing Decisions

Set Your Pricing Strategy Per Channel

Customise How You Work With Us

Get Ahead Of The Competition

Daily Competitor Pricing Shopping

Market Demand Updates

Pick From An Array Of Booking Channels

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How It Works

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We can make a difference to your property in weeks

We've assisted properties of all sizes and types to grow their revenue and increase sales, with a best-in-class revenue management system. They are now leaders in the market where revenue management is now a source of competitive advantage for them.

Revanista Type 2

Room Rate Management Tool
Cloud Based For Remote Access
365 Day Rate Control
Monitors Competitor's Rates & Local Online Demand
OTA and Own-Website Connectivity
Single or Multi-Site Functionality
Software Support & Updates

Revenue Assist Features
Dedicated Revenue Managers
Weekly Rate Recommendations
OTA Content Management

Simplifying your revenue management tasks

With multiple tasks to complete Revanista has helped to automate over 21 hours of weekly manual rate management tasks. 

Pricing Recommendations for more revenue
Market Demand Data to uncover new opportunities
Competitor Rate Shopping - outperform your competitors
Future Demand insights identify dates with high revenue possibilities
One click rate distribution
Optimise your channel strategy to drive profitability

Trusted Partner To Over 150 Hotels 150+ Happy Hotels and Counting

That’s a lot of guest rooms (over 10,000). So when we bring our expertise to the table, we’re well-versed in helping hotels of all shapes, sizes, and styles; from expansive destination resorts to historic country manors.

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