Seemless integration with leading PMS

Integration driving improved performance 

Revanista | Guestline Integration

The integration improves hotel performance

Cyril McMahon - General Manager | Ballykisteen Hotel

"Our overall performance has improved since we have integrated Revanista with Guestline. We are saving time on compiling daily reports and can distribute our rates to all of our online partners with one click.

With our dedicated Revanista Revenue Manager we have seen improved occupancy and record revenue growth. We
are now able to compete with the bigger properties in our market."


Ballykisteen Hotel


  • Own website channel share growth 56% vs. 33%
  • Expert onboarding process improved channel strategy
  • Revanista solution allowed for customised pricing strategies per
  • Weekly Revanista account management call with strategy recommendations &
  • One-click updates sent to Rezlynx with seamless distribution

Improving daily revenue management tasks

  • All room type rates are updated directly in Reslynx with one click
  • Automated daily price shopping for 6 competitors
  • Market demand updated daily
  • Automated rate recommendation alerts based on rate strategy
  • Dedicated Revenue Account Manager advising on rate strategy and reports
  • See inventory left to sell at a glance
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