Revanista Pro - Success Story How Revanista saved 21 labour hours per week through automation of task

From €49 per week - based on a 15 bedroom hotel

Revanista Pro | Case Study

The Overview

  • Rate management was taking up an increasingly large proportion of daily tasks.
  • Key staff were spending less time looking after their guests.
  • The client was working in a fast-moving market where demand and competitor pricing change constantly.

The Challenge

  • The client to this point had low technology adoption and was reluctant to pass over full control to a machine.
  • Needed an all-solution that could help them with pricing, give recommendations, and then in one click distribute rates to all channels.
  • The client market was dominated by a few big competitors with greater resources and the client needed to be able to react just as quickly as them.

The Solution

  • Revanista Pro as an easy-to-use solution was quickly identified as the best-fit option for this property.
  • Rate recommendations would be sent directly to key team members' phones where they could be accepted and distributed instantly.
  • An in-depth onboarding, training, and strategy process was conducted with our team of revenue leaders. Insuring the property puts best practice procedures and strategies in place.
  • More time was then freed up for the client to look after their clients.
Revanista Pro Case Study


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