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Revanista | Hoteliers

"At last a solution that makes a commercial difference and adds real value"

Riverside Park Hotel | Colm Neville - Owner

  • Online Web Bookings +231%
  • Own Website Revenue +94%
  • Online Rooms Revenue +148%

Samantha Hunt | Parkview Hotel

"The best decision we have made is choosing to work with Revanista. This software is a game-changer. It has transformed our daily tasks, shaving off hours of work. With pricing recommendations and having all the decision-making data we need in one place, Revanista has been an absolute lifesaver. A must-have for any hotel looking to drive efficiencies."


"...quite simply transformed our rooms
business despite the current challenging market conditions!”

Aileen O'Grady | Lady Gregory Hotel Leisure Centre & Spa

  • Year 1
    • 3rd Party Agent Revenue +90%
    • Online Web Bookings +71%
  • Year 2
    • 3rd Party Agent Revenue +32%
    • Online Web Bookings +24%

"Our rooms management and reservations
costs are vastly diminished and our revenue increases
are very very impressive!”

Con Maloney | The Grand Hotel Swansea

  • Own Website + 65%
  • Online Travel Agents Revenue + 51%
  • Total Net Rooms Revenue + 37%
  • Average Room Rate + 9.6%

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