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The process of taking on the OTA’s to grow direct bookings can seem extremely daunting!

This is the first part of our series to help you focus on how on to strengthen your hotel’s direct channel performance.

We don’t stop there! We also highlight how to increase conversion and revenue by turning your hotel’s direct channel weak spots into strengths.

1. Highlight The Benefits Of Booking Direct

Potential guests need a reason to stay engaged on your website.

Top-performing sites offer direct booking incentives such as an exclusive discount, early check-in, or late check-out. It is important to have an exclusive benefit and that special incentives for book direct are clearly displayed on your website.


2. Draw Attention To Guests Primary Needs

Guests' primary interest after location is comfort and value!

You need to highlight your hotel’s best features on your homepage to engage potential guests and make them want to browse your website. By addressing these needs you encourage visitors to explore your hotel and drive direct traffic to your booking engine to check out your rooms, rates, and special offers.

3. Grow Your Marketing Database

Grow your database to reach out to potential guests and entice them to book directly!

Also, it’s important to remember that not all lookers are bookers! Some people browse in anticipation of a breakaway and are looking at hotels in a general location. On average it takes over 3 visits to a website before a booking is made.

4. Encourage Guests To Make a Booking 

Highlight discounts or added extras unique to your site to encourage bookings.

Review the primary booking engine page and using language and tools that creates a sense of urgency and encourage guests to book immediately or miss out.

5. Guest Reviews

Use guest reviews to your advantage!

They are invaluable in helping to identify what the USPs of your property are and what makes you stand out from your competitors. Hotels looking to drive more direct bookings use these to reinforce guests’ choices during the decision-making process.

Taking this to the next step hotels can use this information in pre-stay material to assist in reducing cancellations.

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