Mobile Functionality

Manage your rates all the time from anywhere

Revanista | Enhanced Mobile Functionality

Never miss another opportunity to grow your revenue. We've developed enhanced mobile functionality allowing our partners to update their rates anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices. This results in improved revenue for our partners as they take advantage of every market opportunity.

More details

  • Mobile responsive display.
  • How it works for you.
    • Rate recommendation alerts sent via email to you. Direct access to Revanista from this email.
    • See your rate recommendations for only the days that require your attention.
    • View your recommendations, rooms left to sell, market demand, and competitor rates easily on one screen.
    • Accept, deny, or edit rate recommendations.
    • Publish and distribute these rates across all channels in one click.

See it works for our partners.

  • Receive your rate recommendation alerts via emails

mobile functionality 3
  • See your recommended rate, how many rooms you have left to sell, market demand & competitor rates all on your rate screen.

  • Accept, deny, or amend your rates.

  • Publish your rates in one click and they are distributed across all your online channels.

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