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A full suite of interconnected solutions for independent hotels isn’t something you stumble on by chance.
We’ve been working with hotels, and in hotels, for as long as we can remember. Meet our expert team:

Rachel Howes

Rachel Howes

Managing Director

Rachel, former Managing Director of Booking.com Limited, has over 25 years’ experience in accelerating hotels room revenue and is one of the leading international figures in channel management. She has a proven record as a technology entrepreneur and investor and is also co-founder of HomeRez.com, one of Europe’s emerging brand leaders in holiday letting.

Leo Dempsey

Leo Dempsey

Technology Director

Leo is a travel expert with over 14 years experience, inc. 9 years as Area Manager with Booking.com. During his time there, employees grew from 250 employees to over 10,000. In his last year Leo was responsible for over €1bn in Transaction Value.

Peter Elgar

Peter Elger

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Elger is the founder and CEO of fourTheorem a software company providing expertise on architecture, development, DevOps and machine learning. Prior to founding fourTheorem, Peter was co-founder and CTO of two companies; Stitcher Ads a social advertising platform and nearForm a node.js consultancy specialising in digital transformation projects.

Stephane Klemenci

Stephane Klemenci

Backend Developer

With over 10 years experience working on enterprise-level IT developments for global brands including Airbus, Renault, Peugeot and Air France, Stephane is one of Europe’s leading experts in cutting edge software development. This includes high performance computing and micro service architecture: with Airbus for example, Stephane led the development of a €4 million project to develop satellite imaging for the company’s Defence and Space division.


Izabela Cierechowicz

Head of Revenue

Izabela joined our skilled team as Head of Revenue in May 2022. Izabela has many years of experience working within the hospitality industry including previous achievements such as Revenue Manager in Glenlo Abbey Hotel & Estate in Galway. In connection with Izabela's passion for hotels, she loves exceeding budgets and increasing rates based on the current market trends. 


Adrien Biencourt

Software Developer

Adrien is a certified Cloud Solution Architect and Developer. Adrien has experience as a support engineer and customer advisory in well-known Tech leaders such as Microsoft and Oracle. He has worked with a wide range of companies, from local start-ups to multinational corporations, advising their administrators and developers on the latest technologies and best practices. Adrien has been part of many infrastructure/applications deployments and has a strong knowledge of enterprise grade solutions.

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