Direct Dynamic Pricing

Let us help you increase direct bookings and control your direct selling strategy

Revanista | Direct Dynamic Pricing

A core value of Revanista is to help our partners increase direct bookings and control their direct selling strategy. 

Our latest software update does this by giving hotels the functionality to implement an own site dynamic pricing strategy.

Hotels can quickly put in place a price differential with the OTA’s, ensuring that a hotel's direct rates encourage more direct bookings. Our user-friendly interface gives hotels the option to select a differential, assign this across all room types and in one click distribute across all online channels.

It is designed to give hotel the ability adjusting their differential for each individual date or implement a set differential across all dates. This additional flexibility can help capture more direct bookings, especially during peak periods or when there's a sudden change in demand.

Having an own site dynamic pricing strategy reduces the incentive for guests to book through third-party channels by helping eliminate the chance they might find lower rates.

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