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How to help maximize your hotel revenue

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Maximizing Hotel Revenue on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Focus on your own website!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become two of the most eagerly anticipated shopping events of the year, and hotels can capitalize on these days to boost their direct bookings, reduce dependency on Online Travel Agencies (OTA's), and secure a base level of business for future months. To make the most of this opportunity, hotels should strategically plan their sale strategy with a focus on their own website.

1. Prioritize Your Own Website

Your hotel's website should be the primary platform for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Offer the best discounts and lowest rates exclusively to those who book directly on your site. This incentivizes customers to bypass OTA's and book directly with you.

2. Lengthen the Sale Period

Ensure that your sale runs for at least as long as the OTA's to remain competitive. Extending the sale gives potential guests more time to make a decision, increasing the likelihood of direct bookings.

3. Optimize Availability

It's crucial to have your best room availability on your website during this period. Customers are more likely to book directly when they see that the best options are available only on your site.

4. Diversify Peak Dates 

As a strategy to obtain a base level of business and limit the number of rooms available on peak dates, consider including high-demand periods like summer in your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. By doing this, you not only secure bookings for the peak season but also reduce pressure on shoulder seasons, distributing revenue more evenly throughout the year.

In Conclusion

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer hotels a golden opportunity to grow direct bookings, establish a base level of business for future months, and decrease reliance on OTA's. By adopting a strategic approach that prioritises your own website, extends the sale period, optimises availability, and diversifies peak dates, you can make the most of these shopping holidays and boost your hotel's revenue.

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