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David Collins

Is Pricing a Dark Art?


David Collins, columnist and Co-Founder & Chief Communications Officer for The Great National Hotels and Resorts Group discusses the alleged Dark Art of Hotel Pricing .. There is a widely held misconception that hotel accommodation pricing is something of a…

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David Collins

Know Your Unknown Unknowns


A phrase used by former United States Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld back in 2002 came to mind recently in a chat with an industry colleague. I’m paraphrasing here but Rumsfeld’s quote went something like this: “There are things we know…

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how to be magnetic

How to be Magnetic


Customers therefore increasingly expect their online experience to be intuitive, personalised, seamless, friction-free, secure and mobile enabled.

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how not to be social

How NOT to be social


The emergence of social media however has created a free and effective platform now to engage directly and ‘one to one’ with your client base.

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David Collins

Pricing? Don’t forget your Customer


You’ll be aware of the long-running bunfight between hotels and those ‘dastardly’ OTAs charging high commissions for business that might otherwise arrive direct.

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revanista connect

How Revanista Helps Hotels Increase Online


Are you a hotelier struggling with heightened competition from OTAs and vacation rentals; not to mention increasing commissions? We have the solution!

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