Rachel Howes

Rachel Howes

Managing Director

Rachel, former Managing Director of Booking.com Limited, has over 25 years’ experience in accelerating hotels room revenue and is one of the leading international figures in channel management. She has a proven record as a technology entrepreneur and investor and is also co-founder of HomeRez.com, one of Europe’s emerging brand leaders in holiday letting.

Leo Demspey

Leo Dempsey

Technology Director

Leo is a travel expert with over 14 years experience, inc. 9 years as Area Manager with Booking.com. During his time there, employees grew from 250 employees to over 10,000. In his last year Leo was responsible for over €1bn in Transaction Value.

Peter Elger

Peter Elger

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Elger is the founder and CEO of fourTheorem a software company providing expertise on architecture, development, DevOps and machine learning. Prior to founding fourTheorem, Peter was co-founder and CTO of two companies; Stitcher Ads a social advertising platform and nearForm a node.js consultancy specialising in digital transformation projects.


Brian Reeves

Digital Director

Brian Reeves, a serial technology entrepreneur and founder of GOPPAR Digital, one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies and Shunpike Labs, a specialist AI technology company. He is also co-founder of hotel technology company, Avvio.


Shona Cleary

Head of Digital
& Data Science

An "out of the box" creative thinker, Shona has over 9 years experience in driving direct booking strategies and brand awareness, adapting a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach. Shona is passionate about data as a leverage to transform the digital world, applying psychology to the consumer journey to resonate with the audience and creating and developing innovative ideas for hotels.


Aimée Olley

Head of Distribution
& Data Protection Coordinator

Spearheading third party distribution, Aimee is responsible for implementing and driving the required system re-configurations, price quality re-positioning and rankings across distribution channels to drive premium demand into the hotels. Aimee adds to her accolades Data Protection Officer, with accreditation from the Institute of Public Administration.


Sandra Madden

Head of Revenue
& Client Strategy

Sandra has over 10 years experience in the hospitality industry including multifunctional roles that extend far beyond optimising room rates and achieving target budgets. Sandra has a proven track record in identifying trends that will impact future performance, providing anecdotal analysis as necessary and assisting hotels through tailored solutions and strategic coordination of revenue management processes and procedures.



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