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High quality content is key to increasing your chances of converting site visitors

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Good content pleases Google

Your website acts as your virtual shop window.
Gone are the days of depending on travel agents to drive revenue.
You need a polished website with high quality content in order to stand out from the crowd and help convert a looker to a booker.

“A website conversion doesn’t just mean a room booking though. It could mean lead generation, a PDF download, a phone call, or enquiry form submission.”

Tailored Content

We take a tailored approach to each segment of your business to ensure that the content delivered meets the needs of your customers, whether they are leisure guests looking for a hotel break, a company looking to book a conference room or a bride-to-be searching for that perfect wedding venue.

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Content is key

With the ever-changing search engine landscape that can complicate and disrupt the consumer journey, high quality content is key to increasing your chances of converting site visitors.

What’s important for creating
GREAT content?

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Know Your Audience

Ensure that the content you write is relevant to your customers and tailored to meet their needs. Personalisation is key where possible.

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Include Online Reviews

Customers rely on what past guests say when in the decision-making process. Including reviews throughout your website builds your hotel credibility.

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Align Your Content

Align your content with your digital marketing and website design efforts. Without the correct strategies in place, potential customers will find it difficult to get to your site. It’s important to liaise with the digital team on key search terms to include throughout content.

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(CTAs) are as important as the content itself. CTAs facilitate direct booking conversions and help the consumer get the page they are looking for. These should also be considered by device type. We recommend including additional CTAs through the scroll process on mobile devices.

“Remember content also means visual content. High quality imagery improves the flow of your website and in many cases, tells the story of the hotel before the customer reads anything. Imagery can create an emotional connection, especially when used in bursts throughout the site.”

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