Integrated. Affordable. Effective.

Our next gen revenue management software is literally transforming business for our clients, large and small. Easy to use and affordable, Revanista will make a sustainable, transformative difference to your Rooms business .. for less than you think.


Trusted by the Best Hoteliers in the Business​:


Revanista Benefits

All the pricing power you need to dominate your market. None of the fluff you don’t.

Why waste money on features you don’t use? We’re pricing-first and proud of it.

Reputation management? What-if scenarios? Traditional RMSs clutter up their software with bloat you don’t need, won’t use, and should not have to pay for. N2Pricing isn’t a one-size-fits-all kitchen sink. It’s a powerful pricing workhorse laser-focused on making sure your hotels outfox the competition day after day.

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No need to babysit this software. Crush the rest of your to-dos confident your price is right.

Automate 85% of decisions so you can get back to business.

Your busy team has a million things to do and there aren't enough hours in the day. Are they stuck in Excel hell? Poring over rates? Hammering in overrides? N2Pricing can fix that. It does 85% of the work for you. It does it so well your team has the freedom and confidence to focus on other things. And when your team is needed, the software will get their attention.

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Client Impact Study


Share of Irish hotel rooms​ that our software prices every day

3 - 7%

Revenue uplift our customers ​typically experience


Share of PPC ad sales that run through our software


Number of forecasts our software updates every night

Popular Features



Our mobile app gives you “anytime, anywhere” access to pricing, so you’ll never feel tethered to your desk again.



Imagine all the big revenue opportunities across all your properties in a single prioritized list. That’s the multi-property dashboard.



Pricing updates, competitive intelligence, pacing…the software does it all for you instantly, plus a whole lot more. And it never takes vacation.



If something important needs your attention, you’ll know right away. But you control how many alerts and notifications you get.


Make the Move from
Reactive to Proactive.

Many brands are looking for better Revanista solutions to help them survive the months ahead and thrive in the years to come. We can help. Request a demo today.


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